About Commissions

Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning Ecko and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible for more details and invoicing. Below are the different commissions we offer. Thank you for supporting Ecko.

Digital Illustration

Get a unique and personalized painting of your favorite characters or original characters. You will receive a high resolution copy of the illustration that is ready for printing.

We offer digital illustrations in:

    • Headshots
    • Busts
    • Full Body
    • Character Sheets
    • Chibi

Traditional Illustration

Each piece is a one of a kind artwork created by hand and are shipped right to you. We can add special accents using gold paint, silver paint, and washi tape.

We offer traditional illustrations in these medias:

    • Lineart
    • Comic Book Line Art and Design
    • Watercolor
    • Copic Marker

Twitch and Discord Assets

Emotes are a great way to brighten up your Twitch subscriber perks or Discord community. All emotes will come in 3 sizes.

Product Design and Everything Else

Please feel free to contact us for an inquiry if you do not see a service that aligns with your interests. We are happy to talk about working on bigger projects or create something unique just for you.

Contact Us

If you are looking to commission please express which commission you are interested in when submitting. We will answer your questions and inquiries as soon as possible.

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