Anime Expo 2019

Some mishaps earlier in August cause Chiro and I to reapply for Anime Expo during public registration. It was a wild ride because in previous years tables would sell out within seconds! This year we tried to gather as many friends and family as we could to try and snag atleast 1 table even though our goal is 2.


Right as the clock hit noon we all scrambled to refresh the eventbrite looking for a green button. The page was refreshing extremely slow and of course the page had to say that tables were unavailable. Carts hold your purchase for 10 minutes so until the button said sold out there was still a chance! 10 minutes came by quickly and the button showed up for me but still I wasn’t able to grab a table. I was pretty depressed because this was my biggest show of the year but thankfully Chiro said she was able to grab one!!!!!


So much stress is cause by grabbing Anime Expo tables but at the same time it is so much fun. I’m glad that I will be able to attend next years Anime Expo. Thank goodness for Chiro!

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